Channel shift (social media and digital communication)

Channel shift (social media and digital communication channels) has changed the way organizations communicate with their user base and how people now engage with each other, both personally and professionally. For example, a few individuals can begin a conversation on a public network (e.g. Twitter) which may then be seized upon by the masses, begin trending and within a short space of time affect public opinions, beliefs and actions across the globe.
Behaviors surrounding consumption have also changed, smartphones and tablet computers are now a staple of many individuals daily consumption of digital media – they allow almost instant access to real-time information on a regular basis. This means that working with a target audience requires organizations to be fast-paced, and ultimately able to hold the attention of these users – as they are being sent numerous messages at once by a range of competitors, both inside and outside the market segment. This could hinder the successful transmission of messages as a user’s attention may easily diminish from one message to the next. This implies that for sponsors and right holders, being at the forefront of the consumer’s mind is paramount. Therefore being placed at the consumer’s touch points for instant and easy recognition will aid this and allow sponsors and rights holders to maintain position and relevance with their audience.
We will collaborate with you on the basis of our longstanding experience in the sponsoring and sport marketing business coupled with our digital expertise. We want to help you to not only to get started digitally, but also have an integrated approach and to bring your classic communication and traditional sponsorships on a new level.