Social Media Phase of the Internet is Over

With less than 30 days till the beginning of the 2016 Sprint Cup Season begins it is time we take a moment and look back the trends that began, continue ended. 

Fred Wilson, noted Venture Capitalist, stated that “the social media phase of the Internet ended.” Well sort-of. This does not mean that Facebook is going to go the way of the Edsel anytime soon. Rather, what Fred Wilson is referring to is that the Social Media market is not an infant or even a Tween anymore, but a mature business segment. Mr. Wilson puts it best when he states, “that there isn’t much innovation here (social media) anymore.”

There will still be new social applications and we will continue to use them, but we have to cognizant of how we are using the networks today to build engagement rather then missing out on the next Instagram. 

Although, a trend we will continue to see through the course of 2015 is that “messaging” may well be the new social media. You may have noticed your own friends and families using whatsapp group as opposed to Facebook. Clearly, there is a movement amongst the kids using snapchat instead of Instagram, and there are other upstarts out there like serial entrepreneur Mark Cuban’s Cyberdust.