Why we listen to Maya Angelou

Author, poet, dancer, actress and singer—may seem an unlikely source for event marketing advice; but Angelou understood what many claim, but few actually can, what makes people tick. 

Angelou is quoted with saying “People won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” 

All the events we put on are about selling, but the best events are the ones that forge a relationship between your brand and attendees. 

Our goal is for your audience to leave feeling inspired, surprised, nostalgic—or whatever else you want them to feel. The key is to engage your audience on an emotional level. 

The brands that excel at evoking an emotional response know what is important to their customers and use that knowledge to design every aspect of their customer engagement. 

Emotional engagement can be a struggle. It is a competitive marketplace and consumers are receiving emotional appeals from all sides. 

So to stand out we follow the following: 

1. Develop a brand personality: People inherently like people. We are social “animals”. So you need to give your brand a voice and do not be afraid to speak directly to your audience. Speak from the heart and have a real conversation with your audience. 

2. Use story-telling to infuse your brand with emotion. Everyone enjoys a good story, which is to say informative, entertaining and relatable. You can gut-check the quality of your story with a simple question: How did that make me feel?

3. Let your audience help tell your story. There is nothing more authentic than the truth. Crowdsourcing your content from your customer base is a great way to connect customers with your future customers. When you have a story that evokes the comment, “I can relate to that,” you are on to something good. 

4. Leverage technology to sustain brand engagement. New media channels are tailor-made for audience engagement. Be sure to develop campaign elements that extend to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. 

By their very nature, events are uniquely positioned to elicit emotional responses. Experiences— good or bad stay with us in a way that little else will. Long after the collateral has been tossed the emotional connection with your brand will remain strong.