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Graphic Designer

  • Not quite the worst job in town but close
  • Premier Location
  • Paying below market

Over the year, this company has tried and tried again. They never really managed to get it right. With poor processes, a below average client folio and a bunch of at best mediocre staff, they're still giving it a crack and are desperate to hire a Graphic. 

They don't value work life balance at all. It's all about work and they're not even paying for beers on Friday. Who would want to have a drink there anyway? The office looks terrible, there's no natural light, it hasn't been renovated in years and I heard some staff don't even shower. If you're looking for a great place to work where you'll be valued, have a career and be looked after, please move on, this job isn't for you.

Day to day will be spent

  1. Creating content for clients who are constantly annoyed (I'm being polite!)
  2. Delivering more with less, i.e. working with ridiculously small budgets for large projects!
  3. Forget about modern software and tools, it's all about spreadsheets, baby!
  4. Asking yourself why you took this job and what's your next move.

In return for your efforts, you'll get close to nothing except some $$ to spend on your own coffee. (we don't even offer that!)

Why are you still reading this?

Maybe because you too are sick of reading the same overselling job ads. If you're after an honest conversation about your next move, then give me, Peter a call at (212) 569-8000.


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